Wednesday, 16 March 2022

Turning Red - a movie of teenage angst, but also great joy (Review)

Turning Red poster
Turning Red (The Walt Disney Company)

Disney Pixar celebrate teens and their big feelings with new movie Turning Red - In theatres from Friday, 11 March 2022

Miss Fine and I watched Turning Red this previous weekend. We thoroughly enjoyed the awkwardness of the teen years being explored in the change of Mei Lee to a literal big red panda. We had such a smile at the mother Ming running around when she thought her daughter had her first period, and the total embarrassment of Mei Lee by all of this. Especially when Ming turned up at school. Another "smother" at work, big time!

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Year 3 in a pandemic

Bitmoji You Go Girl!
You go, Girl!

Pandemic Year 3: Even now, we regularly forget our masks when running out of the house. Most of the times we have a back-up in the car or a bag. I told my youngest today that she will be telling her children about the pandemic she lived though one day. She told me not to worry, she is not planning to have any children... Okay! 😆 

So, I have to put down some memories for future generations. 😉

The husband had Covid in December. Part of the fourth wave. He had his jabs, so it was very mild. The worst was the inconvenience, and having to cancel plans and isolate. I tested negative in the same time, even while colleagues also tested positive. The inconvenience is the worst! We were lucky that we were all fine. 

The eldest is pregnant with her first girl, and we are all very excited! These are stressful times to have a baby. But, also very precious. She lost her first baby through miscarriage, and now we are even more excited (and scared) to meet this rainbow girl. She is much-loved already. Grandmother mode is loading! 

Also just for keep-sakes: We thought  and said it was a girl before my daughter got confirmation, and we were right! 👶

Schools are back, and Miss Fine has been slowly but surely getting used to High School. The teen phase is tough. For her! And for us! 😖 They have been back in class full-time, and full classes since the beginning of the year. The parents are also invited to meetings, and except for masks that dangle underneath our chins (the heat and suffocating), everything is going ahead full-steam. 😏

I am walking around with a constant fear of the sky falling on my head. I think most people feel like this, as the pandemic, and recent world events are taking a toll... One day I will laugh at this, but today I do not feel like laughing. But I will continue to search for joy each day!

How is 2022 treating you?

Tuesday, 1 February 2022

2022 Word: Joy


Snapchat Selfie
Karen 2022

2022. The first month is gone, dusted already! I need to grab hold of the reigns for this year, or it will go by as quickly as last year. 

I loved last year's word: Patience. I helped me so much to keep me grounded and sane. We were waiting and wanting for so many things to happen, but we had to adjust and wait. "Patience" kept me going. 

It looks like things are going to start to happen this year. I was planning to choose "resilience" as my word of the year, but realized resilience comes with patience. I am resilient as can be! I can do this! 

With patience also came the idea of being in the moment. Grabbing that tiny glimmers of hope and joy in each single moment. Joy was my word for 2014, but this year I am reclaiming it! There is so much joy to be found in every day, in every single moment. Taking step by step we will get there. 

Five things that's giving me JOY right now:

1. Things are going back to normal after the Covid-19 pandemic kept us stuck in so many ways. Fingers crossed!

2. My daughter is having a daughter in the middle of the year. It is so exciting, and I can't wait to be a grandma.

3. My youngest, Miss Fine, has started with high school, and she is really finding her groove. I love her personality and the lovely person she is! I love our talks. We can learn so much from the young ones, and she helps with a reality check every now and again.

4. It seems something is going to start happening with our long-term plans. Fingers crossed.

5. Love my life with my family. Love that we can do life together. I am thankful to them every single day. 

What is your word for 2022? 

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