Thursday, 31 March 2016

The three most important things to handle a melt-down

It is no secret that Little Miss has really struggled with melt-downs, and we are not out of the woods yet...
Although it is MUCH better!

Her teachers have always said that she is "over-emotional" or most recently that she is a very "sensitive soul". They seem to manage her very well when it gets too much! (So lucky to have such great teachers!) 

We have also learnt to handle it better!

The 3 most important things to handle a melt-down:

1. She is unable to process the situation. She is not naughty! She needs your help and understanding and sympathy! Sit with her when she allows you or calls to you!

2. It is not about you, the adult/parent! She is not trying to defy you! Don't make it about you!

3. Learn her coping mechanisms, but not while the melt-down is in progress. Discuss coping mechanisms such as time-outs/hitting of cushions/screaming. She gets to choose her own coping mechanism for next time!

What coping mechanism can you recommend for that melt-down of tantrum?

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The short break is already forgotten and a few thoughts

I had a lovely break of ten days, and I have been back for the second day at work.
Of course it was way too short, and I would have liked to be with Little Miss this week as well.
We did not go away as the budgets are too tight! But we did make the most of it!
(Slumping on the coach and catching up with comedies are not that bad...)

Little Miss also played mornings (I can't say sunrise, because she is such a late riser! Bonus!) until past sunset with the friends in the complex. (Definitely a perk of complex living!)

We also did a breakfast here and there, which is lovely if you want to get out of the house! (And cheaper than lunch or dinner eating out!)

Some thoughts from the break

1. How I wish I could spend more time with Little Miss. We don't see her when she is most alive and active for most part of the week. She is such an interesting little being, and getting more interesting each day!

2. I woke up the previous night with both her hands around my neck. I asked her what she was doing, and she said that she was trying to cool down. She had a bit of a fever. That was precious, and I know I will miss these bed-ventures! (Because we still stay with her in her bed until she falls asleep or when she calls to us at night!) (This is passing way too quickly!)

3. Little Miss brought back a stunning report card, and when we saw the teacher just before the break she had only good things to say! Her being small and young does not impact on her abilities and learning capabilities in class. I am sure the OT sessions from the previous year really helped!

4. I did not have a computer at work the previous week, and when I came back after another week, it was still down. I was interested in how much it bothered me. (Even during the break!) I was feeling demotivated, questioning my existence and wondering if the Universe is trying to tell me something! It is not nice not to be able to work, and I am loving being up and working again! (Can you believe it?!!)

5. It is strange having an Eldest going off to work and having to work around her schedules as well! I also love the fact that she is starting to earn her own living and also her enjoyment of driving around in her own car!

6. We still have Easter eggs left, and that did not help weighing in this morning... *sigh*

Back to work!

Did you have a nice break, and what did you do? (You can even tell me about your beach or bush adventures! ;-) Next time it will be us!)

Photo at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens on Monday. It was a lovely day for a short hike!

Saturday, 26 March 2016

The last of the egg-ventures?

I am surprised that we are still able to do some real Easter egg hunting here. The Easter Bumny is around, it seems!

Little Miss has been searching for Easter eggs in her room, because a friend found some in his room. She did not find any, but there were some in the garden...

The friend said he planted some small eggs, and got a big Easter egg the following day. Guess what happened here? The same! Can you believe it?

The Easter Bunny even left a note!

We had some Easter egg hunting here tonight, and the Easter Bunny is going to come around very early tomorrow morning. (One of the perks of complex living!)

Are you still doing Easter egg hunting, and at what age does it stop?

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Zuka Zama with Disney Junior's The Lion Guard

The Lion Guard
As always, Disney does not disappoint and the whole family will enjoy the adventures of The Lion Guard as Kion, the young lion cub,  assembles The Guard to maintain the balance within the "Circle of Life"! The mission is to protect the Pridelands!

We were invited to the premiere "The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar" on Sunday. It will be aired on Sunday 26 March at 10:00 am on Disney Junior, DStv Channel 309. It is the premiere to the television series of The Lion Guard on DStv 309.

Keep a look-out and mark your diaries!

Photo op at Premiere - we got a faint smile...
Little Miss making a pledge to look after nature
at Disney's The Lion Guard
activity zone in Cresta 

Premiere at Ster-Kinekor, Cresta:

Premiere at Ster-Kinekor, Cresta

Waiting for the movie to start...

We remember Disney's The Lion King, and this story-line is just as captivating as the original. Kion is the son of Simba and Nala.
It is not only about "Hakuna Matata" ("No worries"), but the new catch phrase is "Zuka Zama". In Swahili it means "Pop up, Dive in". Although life is not always plain sailing, take it head-on! Although you (and others) do not always believe in your abilities, you are able when you take on your responsibilities!

Bunga is a honey badger, Kion's friend and the "bravest" of them all.
He has the following life motto and catchy tune in The Lion Guard:
"Zuka Zama":
Now you know my little motto for life
(Zuka zama zom zom zom!)
Enjoy the chaos, ignore the strife
But life throws you a crazy curve
Go Zuka Zama! Don't lose your nerve!
We can't wait to see more of the adventures of the newly appointed Lion Guard!

Check out Heather's (One Step at a Time) review as well: Why “Zuka Zama” is the new “Hakuna Matata”

Monday, 21 March 2016

Easter fun for the kids at Silverstar

We had a fantastic time at Silverstar on Saturday. They have a great line-up for families during Easter, from 19 March to 3 April.

There are the kid's fun on the Square, with jumping castles, a kiddies' train, a Maze and the interactive water fountains. The Easter Bunny are going to make an appearance each day, with movies on the Square, and an Easter Market.

The best of all! The entertainment on the Square is FREE! 

It is wise to also take an extra set of clothing and a towel. No kid can resist the water fountains, as well as the jumping castle with the slide into water!

So much fun!

Little Miss got me to go along into the Wind Castle-thing (see below)! It is very safe, and even the littlest enjoy going up... and DOWN! And up and DOWN again!
Hoots of fun! (Five times for Little Miss!)

The things you do for your child!
(Totally worth the screams! From me!)

There's also The Magic Company with arcade games, Laser Tag and Ten Pin Bowling that keeps them entertained. And movies! (Not for free!)

The Magic Company fun
This is a great way to spend the day with the family!
We will be going back!

Disclaimer: The family got an invite for a breakfast at Vigour & Verve at Silverstar on Saturday, 
30 tokens at The Magic Company, Easter eggs and hot dogs at the food stand on the Square!

The rest (and best fun!) was of course for free on the Square!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Playing the attention game, by Nikki Bush

 I don't know how parents do it with more than one child? The universe must have known we could only give attention to one at a time, and even then we are struggling to keep up...
Little Miss is demanding our undivided attention all the time!
Or maybe it is because she is the only one, and she has no siblings?

I made a pledge to a safer internet, and got this in my inbox from Safer Schools.
Nikki Bush is a renowned creative parenting expert and thought leader, and I am happy to share her thoughts here! These are some great tips, even for us with only one! We also have to handle them when she is playing with friends...

Playing the attention game - Nikki Bush

On a recent holiday we had seven children ranging from four years of age to 14 and it was fascinating to watch them when they were in a group with no adult in sight. They all just got along, the little ones trusting the big ones, the big ones caring for the little ones, no-one whinging, whining or complaining, everyone playing happily together – until an adult came along!!! Now how does that work?

I have a theory about this strange occurrence and what happens to the group chemistry when an adult is added to the mix. Suddenly there is a power play taking place and the children start vying for attention – your attention. Each wants to find a way to stand out so that you will notice them and fill their emotional cup. Things like this start to happen almost immediately:

. one child will hurt another
. someone will say something to upset another
. someone will have an accident
. someone will tell tales
. someone starts to whinge
. someone is suddenly desperately hungry or thirsty and can’t begin to help themselves

Sound familiar? When you figure out this pattern and understand the reasons behind it, it becomes more amusing than irritating. Another perfect example of this is the tantrum-ing two year old who stops yelling the minute you leave the room only to start up again as soon as you come back into view. Often children behave badly for our benefit, either to manipulate us or to get our attention.
You need to be wise enough to know the difference.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Escape to a fantasy world of Guardians and mythical creatures - Book Review

It seems I am into escapism right now, and that's why I chose this book.

Also, I love Melissa Delport, as I have read Rainfall as well as The Legacy series and knows that she is an excellent writer.

Disclaimer: I got the book as a PDF to review!

I was not disappointed, as the story-line, the setting of Summerfeld and characters became my daily companions for a week during our Johannesburg traffic. It made traffic life totally bearable! (When you are disappointed that your two hour long drive - which is supposed to be half an hour - is coming to an end... That is a good indication!)

I love the protagonist, the strong female Guardian, Quinn. But all the characters are portrayed with so much empathy and depth that I did not even have a problem if the main character hitched up with the vampire antagonist!

The search for the twins, Quinn's sister's children, had me as a mother holding thumbs that all would turn out for the better!

I can't wait to read the next books in the series.

The book is now available for $0.99 on a Kindle.

My Amazon review: Escape to a fantasy world where Guardians look after mythical creatures in a modern day setting 

Thanks Cupcake Mummy for the opportunity! Available for review on Charlie Foxtrot

Monday, 14 March 2016

She only slept for 1 minute and she could not find her toothbrush

That's the Voortrekkers, of course!

Little Miss had her first "camp" on Saturday in the school hall without her parents! 

I should not have bothered to pack a bag, because she came back in the same clothes. Next time all that is needed is to send a jacket with a tootbrush.

I tried to ignore my own birthday on Saturday (the number gets scarier each year), but I did not want to spend it in a sleeping bag in a hall full of giggling children... 

Little Miss was fine (she forgot about us as as soon as we arrived), and quite chuffed that she had to stay by herself!

She told us the next day that she slept for 1 minute during the night, because a parent was snoring. She also could not find her toothbrush or her flashlight. (I packed her suitcase with her help. *sigh*)

But she had a great time and that's all that matters!

Photo by Marlize.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

In the spirit of International Women's Day #IWD2016

Women's rights are human rights!
"The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist
nor to any one organization
but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights."
-Gloria Steinem

Monday, 7 March 2016

10 Things that make me Happy

I was tagged on Instagram by Moipone Islam at ferocioushaven

Here is mine:

10 Things that make me happy!

(Not necessarily in this order)

1. Happy is a choice! I choose Happy!

2. My Eldest. When she’s happy, I am happy! It is so-so-so GREAT that everything is working out this year for her. She is finishing up with her studies, she got a REAL job, she is madly in love and she’s got a car!

3. My Youngest. She makes us happy every day! (Sometimes crazy, but mostly happy!) Just being her! So glad that she is in our lives!

4.  My Husband!  He’s our rock and showing us each day what a good husband, father and provider he is! He is the best chef as well!!

5.  The extended family that cares about us

6. Friends that care

7.  Our dogs (Hubby won’t agree on this one! ;-) )

      8.  Coffee/Red wine (equally happy!)

      9. Books/reading.

      10. Blogging

What makes you happy?

Friday, 4 March 2016

Meet Jessie from Toy Story

The school has a Book Buddy Day today, and they are allowed to dress as their favourite book characters.

Little Miss first wanted me to buy her a Princess Sophia outfit, but I told her that it is too expensive! We should think of something that we can put together at home. (I also believe it is much more fun if you are able to put something together with what you have already!)

Yesterday she threw a fit in the car, and I told her that if she continues to cry about an outfit, I would not help her in any way any more. She immediately stopped her crying, and went to sleep in the car.

When she woke up she had the idea of a cowgirl!
She's growing up! (Yes! It happens!)

She told me this morning she wanted to be Princess Sophia, and then she wanted to be Tinkerbell, but now she is Jessie, and that's okay. She likes it!

Dad had to help with folding the rope into a cowboy's lasso.
(Thank you YouTube! AND Dad!)

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Serendipity happens more than you think!

Serendipity: A"fortunate happenstance" or "pleasant surprise"
Life Day Spa

What is the odds that my daughter starts working on a Friday, and I have already put in leave for that day?

What is the odds that I am free to be able to drive her to her first day of work?

What is the odds that my daughter's workplace is not far from where I should be for a few hours?

What is the odds that I get invited for a pamper on the same day that I am feeling a bit sad and nostalgic about a new phase in my eldest life? (And also ours?)

What is the odds?

The invite from Cerebra, because "Hauwei shares the love"!
"What? It is only February. It feels like we are halfway through the year. While we can't stop time, we should take a minute - especially if it is to spoil ourselves. Hell, let us take more than a minute, let's do 2.5 hours."
I totally agree with this! We should take more than a minute to take care of ourselves!

This day helped me so much with reflection and focus!
We are moving into a new era in our family!

Pedi and mani pamper at Life Day Spa

Maybe I should have gone with a bit more colour? ;-)
Kitchen Bar at Design Quarter

Kitchen Bar Vegetarian wrap 
There is no such thing as coincidence!

Thank you Huawei and Cerebra!!

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