Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The short break is already forgotten and a few thoughts

I had a lovely break of ten days, and I have been back for the second day at work.
Of course it was way too short, and I would have liked to be with Little Miss this week as well.
We did not go away as the budgets are too tight! But we did make the most of it!
(Slumping on the coach and catching up with comedies are not that bad...)

Little Miss also played mornings (I can't say sunrise, because she is such a late riser! Bonus!) until past sunset with the friends in the complex. (Definitely a perk of complex living!)

We also did a breakfast here and there, which is lovely if you want to get out of the house! (And cheaper than lunch or dinner eating out!)

Some thoughts from the break

1. How I wish I could spend more time with Little Miss. We don't see her when she is most alive and active for most part of the week. She is such an interesting little being, and getting more interesting each day!

2. I woke up the previous night with both her hands around my neck. I asked her what she was doing, and she said that she was trying to cool down. She had a bit of a fever. That was precious, and I know I will miss these bed-ventures! (Because we still stay with her in her bed until she falls asleep or when she calls to us at night!) (This is passing way too quickly!)

3. Little Miss brought back a stunning report card, and when we saw the teacher just before the break she had only good things to say! Her being small and young does not impact on her abilities and learning capabilities in class. I am sure the OT sessions from the previous year really helped!

4. I did not have a computer at work the previous week, and when I came back after another week, it was still down. I was interested in how much it bothered me. (Even during the break!) I was feeling demotivated, questioning my existence and wondering if the Universe is trying to tell me something! It is not nice not to be able to work, and I am loving being up and working again! (Can you believe it?!!)

5. It is strange having an Eldest going off to work and having to work around her schedules as well! I also love the fact that she is starting to earn her own living and also her enjoyment of driving around in her own car!

6. We still have Easter eggs left, and that did not help weighing in this morning... *sigh*

Back to work!

Did you have a nice break, and what did you do? (You can even tell me about your beach or bush adventures! ;-) Next time it will be us!)

Photo at the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens on Monday. It was a lovely day for a short hike!


  1. Sometimes it's great to be at home as well. So true - the best is seeing our kids at their best

  2. It also passed too quickly here!
    I also lie with Nicky until he goes to sleep and go to him if he cries. I also agree it will pass too soon.
    Funnily enough our Easter eggs also lasted and Nicky did not ask for them all week until today when I could honestly say they were finished.
    Sorry about your computer being down: that is so frustrating.
    I also agree about breakfast being cheaper. We did a Spur lunch on Sunday and it was so expensive.


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