Friday, 4 March 2016

Meet Jessie from Toy Story

The school has a Book Buddy Day today, and they are allowed to dress as their favourite book characters.

Little Miss first wanted me to buy her a Princess Sophia outfit, but I told her that it is too expensive! We should think of something that we can put together at home. (I also believe it is much more fun if you are able to put something together with what you have already!)

Yesterday she threw a fit in the car, and I told her that if she continues to cry about an outfit, I would not help her in any way any more. She immediately stopped her crying, and went to sleep in the car.

When she woke up she had the idea of a cowgirl!
She's growing up! (Yes! It happens!)

She told me this morning she wanted to be Princess Sophia, and then she wanted to be Tinkerbell, but now she is Jessie, and that's okay. She likes it!

Dad had to help with folding the rope into a cowboy's lasso.
(Thank you YouTube! AND Dad!)


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