Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Counting my blessings on my birthday

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It's my birthday. I still do not feel comfortable with the over 50's, but I think, like most people, that we can't believe that we are the age we are. Most probably I will be kicking and screaming that I am not ready yet to go into the fire pit. (With my cremation. Relax, it's not going to be soon!)

"I still have much more living to do!" 

I think I know a bit more about life and living, but I have so much more to learn. The more I know, the more I know how much I do not know. There's 50 years left, at least, to learn and experience more!

Today I am counting my blessings.

5 Blessings on my birthday

- I am healthy. I have no pains or niggles or on any medications. I think being a vegetarian definitely helps. (I should be doing more exercise and eat less sugar, I know. I'll start this year! Yes, this year!)

- I have a great family. Hubby and daughters and parents on both sides. We are really blessed. My brother is expecting his first son this year. We can't wait.

- We still have our house. Hubby got a new job, and hopefully it will stay ours.

- I have a great job as an archivist. The older I get, the more I realise how lucky I am. I get to listen to great radio programmes every day. And I get paid to do it. How awesome is that!

- I love this blog which helps me connect with so many interesting people and experiences. This year it's turning 10 years. So many blessings. Thanks to all of you who reads it!

- I can think of a 100 more blessings, and that's a blessing in itself...

I have taken a day's leave, and spending some time with me!

Have a happy Tuesday!

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  1. Love your attitude. Wishing you a very happy birthday, and all things bright and beautiful in the year ahead

  2. Happy Birthday Karen!

  3. Happy birthday darling! You have many blessings many of us pray for. I'm richer for knowing you.

    1. Thanks so much, Wenchy, Yes, I am aware of that! It is also a matter of perspective! ;-)
      Great to know you as well!

  4. Happy birthday Karen,and sincerely wish you young and happy forever ~


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