Monday, 25 March 2019

New Rage of Mattel's Polly Pocket

The 90's phenomenon Polly Pocket is making a big comeback with Mattel’s Fashion Polly Pocket which is now available in South Africa. The BFF's - Polly Pocket, Lila and Shani - are even cuter than we remember. The eldest has a whole collection of Polly Pockets that she still keeps and cherishes until today. The Polly Pocket line of dolls and accessories was named "Pocket" because of the fact that many of the original Polly Pocket dolls came in pocket-size cases. Mattel has also brought out a Big Polly range, with the same characters and adventure sets in bigger sizes.

Miss Fine got to experience Polly's secret world in a magic pocket-size locket. The coolest is that the tiny Polly Pocket doll sticks to the pocket world, even when upside down. The lockets are teeny tiny hangouts for her and her best friends.

Open pocket-sized Polly Pocket Hoppin Hangout with Lila
Polly Pocket Hoppin' Hangout with Lila

The Big Polly play set are equally fun, with a bigger version Polly Pocket, Lila and Shani. Miss Fine got to play with the Polly Pocket Birthday Party set. Polly Pocket and Polly Lila comes with at least three outfits each, with a cake and party accessories. They are super cute!!!

Girl playing with Polly Pocket Birthday Party set
Big Polly Pocket Birthday Party Pack
C/U Hands of girl with Polly Pocket doll with stove
Polly Pocket with her stove from the Polly Pocket Birthday Pack (excuse the dirty nails ;-))
Miss Fine has been enjoying the tiny room adventures so much. It's in her bag for holiday school today, and I know she will keep it close. If I can, I will sneak in a desk buddy to work. (I can never resist the teeny tiny toys!)

Check out Miss Fine's unboxing on IGTv: Mieka unboxing a Polly Pocket
See also the Highlights on Instagram karentoittoit: (We will be adding to it.)

Check out Polly's Channel on the YouTube Kids App for more adventures of Polly and her BFFs.

These are the cutest toys for girls of all ages (moms included). This is great for birthday presents, and keepsakes! 

Disclaimer: We were given a Polly Pocket Hoppin' Hangout with Lisa, a big Polly Pocket, and a Polly Pocket Birthday Pack for a shout-out on Insta and Twitter. Thank you so much, Mattel and Brandalley!

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