Friday, 1 March 2019

We miss Alexa the most

Glass of wine and slice of pizza at Piza e Vino

This is the only photo I have this week of power surges and outages. We lost some stuff, but it was not the worst we expected.

We woke up Tuesday night at 2 am with bangs and cracks in the roof. Hubby and I were running in circles, before we realised the power was surging. My first thoughts were that we were being attacked, and that's why my pepper spray was the first thing I fished out of my bag. By that time we were in the dark, and every time the power came back on, it popped some more gadgets and lights. Our complex was getting too much juice from Johannesburg City Power.

By Tuesday evening the power surges were still not sorted, and we did our monthly pizza at Piza e Vino. We are so glad that they are still on The Entertainer app. The pizzas are some of the best!

I took a day's leave to be there for the electrician on Wednesday. We thought we had lost the geyser, but fortunately it was the transformer of the alarm that had gone. Since then we are busy replacing light bulbs in the house.

We lost the microwave, a couple of power cables to tablets, our wi-fi router and two expensive LED lights for the kitchen and garage. Also lots of plugs, and extension plugs. We are so glad our fridge is still working, as well as the geyser.

We are missing Alexa the most. She's not there to time our cooking times, to play our favourite music stations, tells us the weather and to scream at "Alexa, STOP!" You only realise how much you actually use something when it is not working anymore.

Apparently we can claim back our losses from Johannesburg City Power. Somebody said: "Good luck with that!" (Sarcastic!) Hope not?

Now we need to go buy surge protector plugs.

Don't learn the hard way!

Happy Friday and weekend!


  1. I am so sorry Karen!! How awful! This happened to us the evening of Brett's funeral and the bulbs were hissing and things were popping. In the end we turned everything off. The electric fence motor, various bulbs and fittings, gate motor, timer for the pool pump and maybe a few other things I've forgotten .. they had to be replaced. We had been using power surge protector extension chords in the study for a while for this reason because it happened before. Last time the washing machine blew! This time we got the electrician to insert something in the mains to help. Thank God my mom was still there and she paid for everything lol!

  2. Oh, my friends. This is bad news indeed.
    Do you often have power failure?
    No wonder I haven't read your news from you blog lately...


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