Friday, 8 March 2019

Time for a fringe, again

Miss Fringe
The end of the first semester is in sight! It's been a roller-coaster year of activities. Grade 5 is not a pushover, but Miss Fine has a handle on it all! She is anxious and worries about her projects and tests, but she mostly gets good marks.

I love how we can discuss anything with Miss Fine. I love her insights. This year has been great with regards the carversations. Miss Fine and I have to get to school earlier because of road closures and traffic, but it is richly rewarding with regards questions about life, relationships and growing up.

The Tween-ager is already giving us glimpses of the Teen. There's outbursts, but there's also much more understanding. The other day I was listening to a short video about understanding a "colicky" baby. Most of the time they just want to be comforted and held, while we as parents try to figure out what is wrong. Miss Fine said did we do that with her? I said, Of course, yes! We would never have left her crying. It was exhausting and overwhelming, but we did it right by her! She was an anxious baby, and now she is an anxious girl. But we are more understanding of her, as well as she of herself! She lashes out, but it is because she feels overwhelmed. She does not "get away" with it, but we try to be more understanding when it happens.

I love that she came to ask me to buy her bras. She had some sport bras already, but she wanted the real stuff! We got really nice ones at PnP Clothing. One's that are "not visible from underneath her school clothes", but are very comfortable. Just like that... Things change, and we cannot go back. (Not that I want to.)

She had me cut her a fringe, again. A fringe is as good as a holiday, but the previous time she did not keep it for long. It also took ages to grow out. This time around she enjoys it much more, and spends most of her morning ritual in combing it out.

This post is for us. To remember how we enjoyed this phase of your life!
We love the person you are becoming!

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