Thursday, 14 September 2017

The signs are here: Little Miss is a Tween

Miss, Tween, Tweener
Tweener Miss
Little Miss has grown so much this year. She has been slaying the dragons, beginning in a new school. It was an issue to make new friends, but she finally has a very special friend. It's strange how they all want that special BFF!

We are seeing signs of her becoming more independent, and the Tween that is emerging. And Mom and Dad winces because the precious years of baby and toddler is long forgotten! (Too soon, I tell you *sic*)

Signs of the preadolescence, the Tween

Not scientific, but from a mom's perspective. 

(All of course subject to regression when the situation allows it. Which happens!)


- It seems it starts earlier with girls, around the age of eight.

- Independence becomes more of a automatic response. She can do it on her own. She walks off easily into her own life...

- The friends are more important than the parents (insert anything here)! (Gasp!)

- She understands the world better, and we can have a conversation about almost anything! 

- She knows what clothes she likes and wants to wear. Even if it's the ugliest pair of shorts for three days in a row....

- She is very specific with regards her hair style and how she looks each day. She had the fringe, but has decided it is too much work, and is growing it back in. 

Physical growth

- She is growing, and the clothes and shoes needs to be replaced at an alarming rate.

- She can't wait for her first period, and we have discussed getting her first handy bag to put in her school case as soon as she hears other girls have started. (If only she knew...)

- She also wants to have one or two sport bras on hand, although she doesn't wear it because it's uncomfortable! (It's not necessary yet! But there are girls in her age group who have been blossoming.)

Mental capacity

- She is learning how to cope with her emotions. We see less of the melt-downs. But sometimes it is still overwhelming! This has been a big area of management and growth. 
(We have limited tablet use considerably, because there is a definite correlation between brain overload and coming back to reality!) 

- She is able to grasp concepts  and school work with ease, and the reading with skill is making it much easier to complete her school work!

- She know that the Tooth Mouse is us, but she still happily plays along!

This is our Miss Tweener!

How does your Tweener compare? What did I forget to mention?

We like and love you lots, Little Miss! You are your own person, for sure!
I know why I have so many grey hairs! ;-)

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