Tuesday 29 May 2012

5 things when Dementia is diagnosed

Dementia and Alzheimer's are both being heard of all around us... It seems our lifestyles are not very condusive to our mental healthy aging.

It hits even harder when somebody close to home gets diagnosed!

There is the intitial responses of denial, depression, anger and ... perhaps maybe then acceptance. For the diagnosed person and those around them! I understand all that, and all of it is necessary in dealing with it.

But I have been thinking: What would I do when I get diagnosed? (And now I am not thinking about the obvious things like healthy eating or brain exercises or...etc.)

I have also not researched the topic. (I definitely do not want to step on any toes. I get that this is very serious!)

5 things that I will do when I get diagnosed:

1. Buy the purple hat and wear it every single day.

2. Work on my memory boards. Thinking of colourful collages.

3. Finally gets to use the word "thing" as much as I want! "The thing around the thing where we have seen that other thing, you know what I mean?"

4. Drink coconut oil (or the cure of the moment). All the time!

5. Say "F*ck you, Dementia! I will prove you wrong!" and then living accordingly!


Dementia, I am showing you the middle finger already!!


Monday 28 May 2012

Photo report of the weekend

Decorating in the boardroom 
We had such a quiet and uneventful weekend...

I started with two functions on Friday, but by six thirty we were home.
We had a weekend of rest and time with the family!

Some more of these kinds of weekends, please!!

Tiny Tumbles exercises

We also had two breakfasts; on Saturday and Sunday.
My ultimate guilty pleasure!
Moroccan Lifestyle - one of our favs

We also went to check out Lemon Rose Farm, which we always drive by and say we should stop there one day...

We loved the garden restaurant area and the farm yard with the animals. Mostly because the Toddler assured us it is the "Zoo"while she thoroughly the animals and the play area. The chickens and ducks were walking between the tables.
Jumping Castle at Lemon Rose Farm

Butterfly balloon made for a small fee at Lemon Rose Farm

Lemon Rose Farm

But the food was not that exciting... Here you definitely go for the children!

What did you do on your weekend?

Thursday 24 May 2012

Noticing the shadows

41 months of the little person in our lives.

We have been smiling all along...
Sometimes we have to hide a laugh, because we do not want her to know that we are laughing at her.
But her perspective makes us look at things totally differently.

The shadows
She noticed the "brown" (her word) spot in the bath last night. We explained that it is her shadow, and I proceeded to show her my hands making shadows on the bath.
She has seen it before, but last night she became terrified and wanted to jump out of the bath immediately.
Luckily when she went to sleep, she asked again about the shadows. I could tell her that it is dark and that they are not there any more...

Growing legs
We have been joking about the socks growing legs and going on holiday. We have always only one sock coming back from the wash!
One of the toddler's wash cloths also got lost, and we said that it got legs as well.
I found it later in the cupboard.
The Toddler was at first not impressed and did not want anything to do with that particular wash cloth: "It's got legs!"

Prayers always make for a lot of hidden smiles on our side. The most recent prayer that her father retold:
"Thanks for my dad's hair (he hasn't got that many), and thanks for my mother's course legs" (we presume it's the stubble...)

Nothing that keeps you more grounded!

The Toddler loves her new Hello Kitty slippers. She went to sleep for two nights in a row with the slippers still on her feet.
She threw a tantrum yesterday morning when she saw I had substituted the slippers for boots for the day... So she went to school with her slippers!
It was very dirty last night and we had to put it in the washing bin, or else I am sure she would have insisted on wearing it again...

Thanks for all the cuteness!

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Keep Calm and Diet On

Keep calm and diet on 
The dieting and the exercising are going very slowly, but it is going...

I am trying to change my lifestyle, rather than just losing weight.

I am struggling to stick to a rigid diet, so I try in making better choices as I go along. 

I have lost a few kilos, and I feel healthier and my head feels lighter. 
The fussiness is definitely better!

Last week after I went to the gym during lunch-time, I came exhausted back to the office. I bought myself a packet of popcorn, and my favourite coffee. I was feeling quite smug about my exercise...

So I flopped in my chair, legs outstretched, while the audio of my work which was a bit of music and a bit of poetry, was playing in the background... (Not a bad place to be!)

Somebody walked past my studio, and came back and said: "I don't who is more peaceful, you or the baby!"

I had nothing to say to her. I just grimaced grinned! 
(I still don't have the perfect retort for that!)

I keep on repeating to myself: Keep calm and diet on! 

I will not give up!

What would you have said?

Monday 21 May 2012

Movie Clip Monday #24 - Swimming lessons

I haven't posted a video in quite a while.

The swimming lessons went real well (Swimmingly) last week, and this was one of the exercises.

Turning around five times in the pool, and swimming to the side underwater.

Not bad for one quarter of swimming lessons...

Sunday 20 May 2012

Injury time?

The Toddler started out today with an injured knee. Yesterday she was still doing gymnastics, and running around...

We are not aware of any injuries, or bumps, or falls! We cannot see any problem, nor does she complain when we touch the knee.

She got up, and she was limping. Complaining about her right knee! And of course demanding to be carried around...

We though she would soon forget about her knee... But she kept at it for the whole day! She did not walk on her own, but was happy to sit/being carried and order us around.

How do we know when it is something to be worried about? Or only ippikonders?


Hope all would be forgotten by tomorrow?

Friday 18 May 2012

For my children - a keepsake

For my children, by Dionna Ford
published by Ulysses Press
I received this beautiful journal For my children through the post.
I responded on a social media invite by Dionna Ford of Code Name Mama for a review of the book.

I love the feel of any journal.
I love the smell of the pages.
I love the look of pages waiting to be filled with memories and wishes and wisdom...

There is so much that any mother wants to say and carry over to her children. There is some important stuff that we have learnt through shear raw experience that we want them to know!

Our years really count for something. (I would hope so! ;-) )

We also do not always know that our "words of wisdom" are appreciated when spoken... (Not judging by the roll of the eyes...)

But I know that it would be great to have something like this to pass on to my two daughters! I see this as something worth more than any other thing/money (unfortunately not!) that I could give to them!

Dionna's introduction states that her mother has always been the first person she ran to for just about anything. That is the same I feel about my mother...

"For my children: a mother's Journal of memories, wishes, and wisdom provides a way to chronicle a mother's history, to reveal stories and trivia that might otherwise be forgotten, to pass on generational wisdom, and most of all, to strenghten and create connections that may go untended. It is my hope that these writing prompts canbe a catlyst for your own new discoveries and connections." - Dionna Ford

The journal is divided in 7 sections: Motherhood; Family and Home; Children; Life Wisdom and Wishes; Love and Relationships; You in the World; On Being You.

Each section has prompts to help complete the journal? The first section on Motherhood starts with the following: "List the ways you feel closer to your mother now that you have children of your own:"

I can't wait to start writing here, in my own handwriting!

I also now have a place for my Mother's Day bookmark that came from the school.

Thanks Dionna, and Ulysses Press!

The book can be found here: For my children

Thursday 17 May 2012

Pep talk with the student

Maybe there is something that we did not say already, or it got lost in "translation"...

- This the best time of your life. Right now! Right there!

- Think about all the things you can be grateful of: Being able to study full-time, with no worries about lodging and food.

- You cannot fail. You can always do it over! Start again! Shift your focus!

- You are allowed to say no when student activities interfere with your studying.

- Worry about what is at hand right now. Not about what will happen next year.

- You have control of your life now! Do what is to be done NOW!

- You are allowed to play! But make sure that your work has been done! (It won't change when you start working.)

- You have to sacrifice for a greater goal sometimes. Your goal now is to get that degree!

- Stay in a weekend when there is work to be done... You will be so glad for the work you have done after the weekend.

- When your room is not conducive to study, work in the library.

- Talk to the lecturers when you have a problem.

- Ask for help!

- It is not "nice" to repeat a subject! It is extremely boring. Try to finish each subject within the correct time limit!

- Your boyfriend will be understanding when you can't go home on weekends. Your relationship won't suffer if it is meant to stand the test of time!

- Don't wish your life away till the next weekend! Enjoy each day!

- You are intelligent! You can do this!

- Decide what is important to you, and what you want from life! (You want the qualification to make a better life for yourself?)

- Enjoy!!

What more can I say to a student, struggling to find her balance in her first year?

(Photo: Patrick Pretorius Photography)

Wednesday 16 May 2012


We saw for the first time yesterday how the Toddler is doing with her swimming lessons. She has been going now for 4 months.

The swimming lessons is at school, so by the time we go to pick her up, she has done her swimming lesson, twice a week. We have also not been swimming this past four months, so we had no idea...

But we could see immediately when she started that it made a positive impact. She is now extremely willing to lie back in the bath when we wash her hair. And she is quite indignant on days that she do not have swimming lessons: "They forgot to come and fetch me!" Which means she really enjoys it!

We are amazed at how much they have learnt. She is not afraid of the water, and they even swim for small distances underwater.

Except for making some high pitch noises every now and again (? *watch me*), she insisted on wearing the swimming goggles... Apparently it was for the first time, but it went really well, and we were told to buy her some as well!

She was extremely pleased to see us there, and wanted to know if we are going to come watching again. It makes me realize again how important it is to be there for them.

Cheering spectators on the side!

Wordless Wednesday #128 - Fairy party

Monday 14 May 2012

A Big Blue win over at Cat Juggles

Cat at Juggling Act of Life is celebrating her 1000th blog post by giving away a R500 gift voucher from Big Blue for the first prize. AND shopper bags to the second and third prizes.

She is one of Big Blue's most adoring fans, and we have seen many blog posts about her favourite store.
The rules are real easy! Head on over there before the 12th of noon on Friday the 18th: It's competition time.

I have my eyes on the new vintage lace around cardi...

(That's why I am doing this blog post as well! For an extra entry! ;-) )

Being a mother

Mother's Day is not only a reminder of my own mother and how I appreciate her even more now that I have my own children...

It is also being grateful for the two daughters I have in my life! I even got to experience motherhood 15 years on, when most people are beginning to think about having their lives back to themselves! I am so glad that we can have the experience all over again!

I am so thankful to the two special people who came to share our lives with us! I believe that we get to choose our parents in the before-time, and I am so glad that we were chosen.

We get to experience life all over again. Just when we start to think that we "know" everything, and have "seen" everything, we get to see life from a totally different perspective!

Thanks, my daughters, for your uniqueness, and your love!

We love journeying with you! You are enriching us each day with "new" experiences! (Each experience feels "new" when seeing it through your eyes again!)

What have you been doing on Mother's Day?

Photo: We cannot take too much photos of the toddler being on a swing! Each time is such a fun experience for her! We love looking/pushing on! (At the fairy party this weekend)

Friday 11 May 2012

Too many Mother's Days?

Is it possible that we can have too many Mother's Days? According to my Mother, Yes!
We should not even bother about her on Sunday...

What can you say to that? (*sigh*)

This week I want to say how grateful I am for my mother, and mothers in general!

I am linking up with Bron at Maxabella loves, who has moved her Grateful for... to Village Voices

I am even grateful to the MIL.
If it was not for her, I would not have had the pleasure of having the Hubby in my life, and I would not have had the opportunity myself to be the mother again of a wonderful little girl!

Some people hate the idea of a day set up specifically for Mother's, and say that we should be thankful to our mothers every day. But I love the idea of a specific day to honour the people that are important to us.

A Mother's Day is also a way of starting a tradition in a family which we all look forward to each year!

Thanks, Mom!
I only realised how much you had done for us when I had my own kids.
There is a lot of stuff that we took for granted, and thought it was part of being a Mom.
But it is a daily choice to be there for your kids and support them in all their endeavours!
We have been lucky for all the support all through the years!
We also knew we could count on you when we needed you!

Last night Mom and Dad watched after the little one while we attended a show.
Although they were both sick and looked like they both should stay in bed, they were willing to help out. Luckily the show did not last that long...
A big thank you!

Thursday 10 May 2012

The Toddler has found a dentist to go back to

I made an appointment at another dentist, after the previous time when I had the traumatic dentist experience.
It was now the Toddler's second visit to a dentist...

The first time she had to sit on my lap, and she allowed the dentist to look at her teeth. This time around she was still not willing to sit in the chair, OR open her mouth!

But Chantelle, the dentist, was not phased at all...

She had a whole story prepared for toddlers like her.
She showed Mieka the chair and how it goes up and down.
She gave Mieka a pair of gloves to put on.
She used the small mirrors to show Mieka how she looks into people's mouths.
She showed Mieka how to brush her teeth and move her arms in a circle while doing it.
She showed Mieka a green fluffy monster-like toy which resembles the plaque that eats away on our teeth. (Mieka loved holding it!)
She showed her the "elephant" that sucks up all the water in her mouth, and how its sips from the cup.
She showed us the tiny toothbrush that she uses, and practised some brushing on her hands.

Mieka was totally impressed, and opened her mouth for a little bit when prompted by the reward of a small toy.
Chantelle could quickly check that there was no major issues, and reassured me that we could try again in 6 month's time... She said that she believes a visit to a dentist should not be traumatic at all! (Thank you!)

In  the meantime I need to ensure that we brush her teeth in the mornings. (Gasp! Yes, she's has only been brushing once a day...) We had been neglecting it because Mieka still sleeps when we have to leave.

This morning I tried, and a sleepy head was willing to open her mouth and let me brush...
It seems the dentist has made an impression!

Bingo! We have found a dentist!

Monday 7 May 2012

May you have a wonderful week!

- May your Monday be a kick in the right direction!

- May your Monday be a goal accomplished!

- May your Monday be the start of a great week!

- May you be healthy!

- May you be happy!

- May you be loved!

Happy Monday!

We had a terrible Saturday night with the toddler and earache, but it seems we have beaten the bug! (Without having to go to the doctor... Yay!)

What's happening this week?

Thursday 3 May 2012

Stories by the Toddler

The Toddler comes up with the most strangest stories. I thought it would always be based in reality, but it seems the fantasy world takes centre stage at the moment...

(I am struck by how quickly we forget these special quirks of the little ones! I cannot remember the first-born having so many stories, but I am sure she chattered away as well!)

One of the stories: Ouma (grandmother) is coming to fetch her and they are going to fly to the sea. They are going to "fly" in the waves. Oupa (grandfather) is also going to come, but I must stay at home with her dad. When told that we can't fly in waves, she reassures us that we can. We tell her that she did not like the beach or waves the previous time she was there, she assures us that this time it is going to be different!

Another story: She has lost a tooth, and convincing her dad on the way to work to look in the back mirror of the car to see where it has been lost in her mouth (while stretching open her mouth). It is a recurring story. I suspect that a friend who lost all her front teeth (at the dentist) is a big inspiration.

Last story: She is in Grade R already. She is a big girl! (2 years to go before we get to Gr R). She is also telling us whenever she can how big she is. She shows us her "long" legs and "long" arms, and we have to feel her "muscles"!

I would love to hear the stories that her teachers have to listen to...

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Eight years of adventure

We celebrated it with a canopy tour in Magaliesburg yesterday!

It was my first time sliding over the tree tops from the cliffs.

The guides know their story and before we could even think of getting scared of the heights, we were sliding down 10 different sets of slides from cliff to cliff!

Thanks to my Hubby for always being game for new adventures...

Thanks to eight years of being married to him, and 10 years of knowing him!

We are having so much fun!

What next? ;-)

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