Thursday, 24 May 2012

Noticing the shadows

41 months of the little person in our lives.

We have been smiling all along...
Sometimes we have to hide a laugh, because we do not want her to know that we are laughing at her.
But her perspective makes us look at things totally differently.

The shadows
She noticed the "brown" (her word) spot in the bath last night. We explained that it is her shadow, and I proceeded to show her my hands making shadows on the bath.
She has seen it before, but last night she became terrified and wanted to jump out of the bath immediately.
Luckily when she went to sleep, she asked again about the shadows. I could tell her that it is dark and that they are not there any more...

Growing legs
We have been joking about the socks growing legs and going on holiday. We have always only one sock coming back from the wash!
One of the toddler's wash cloths also got lost, and we said that it got legs as well.
I found it later in the cupboard.
The Toddler was at first not impressed and did not want anything to do with that particular wash cloth: "It's got legs!"

Prayers always make for a lot of hidden smiles on our side. The most recent prayer that her father retold:
"Thanks for my dad's hair (he hasn't got that many), and thanks for my mother's course legs" (we presume it's the stubble...)

Nothing that keeps you more grounded!

The Toddler loves her new Hello Kitty slippers. She went to sleep for two nights in a row with the slippers still on her feet.
She threw a tantrum yesterday morning when she saw I had substituted the slippers for boots for the day... So she went to school with her slippers!
It was very dirty last night and we had to put it in the washing bin, or else I am sure she would have insisted on wearing it again...

Thanks for all the cuteness!

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  1. Ag ja, some days slippers works well for shoes. We pick our fights.


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