Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pep talk with the student

Maybe there is something that we did not say already, or it got lost in "translation"...

- This the best time of your life. Right now! Right there!

- Think about all the things you can be grateful of: Being able to study full-time, with no worries about lodging and food.

- You cannot fail. You can always do it over! Start again! Shift your focus!

- You are allowed to say no when student activities interfere with your studying.

- Worry about what is at hand right now. Not about what will happen next year.

- You have control of your life now! Do what is to be done NOW!

- You are allowed to play! But make sure that your work has been done! (It won't change when you start working.)

- You have to sacrifice for a greater goal sometimes. Your goal now is to get that degree!

- Stay in a weekend when there is work to be done... You will be so glad for the work you have done after the weekend.

- When your room is not conducive to study, work in the library.

- Talk to the lecturers when you have a problem.

- Ask for help!

- It is not "nice" to repeat a subject! It is extremely boring. Try to finish each subject within the correct time limit!

- Your boyfriend will be understanding when you can't go home on weekends. Your relationship won't suffer if it is meant to stand the test of time!

- Don't wish your life away till the next weekend! Enjoy each day!

- You are intelligent! You can do this!

- Decide what is important to you, and what you want from life! (You want the qualification to make a better life for yourself?)

- Enjoy!!

What more can I say to a student, struggling to find her balance in her first year?

(Photo: Patrick Pretorius Photography)

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