Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Keep Calm and Diet On

Keep calm and diet on 
The dieting and the exercising are going very slowly, but it is going...

I am trying to change my lifestyle, rather than just losing weight.

I am struggling to stick to a rigid diet, so I try in making better choices as I go along. 

I have lost a few kilos, and I feel healthier and my head feels lighter. 
The fussiness is definitely better!

Last week after I went to the gym during lunch-time, I came exhausted back to the office. I bought myself a packet of popcorn, and my favourite coffee. I was feeling quite smug about my exercise...

So I flopped in my chair, legs outstretched, while the audio of my work which was a bit of music and a bit of poetry, was playing in the background... (Not a bad place to be!)

Somebody walked past my studio, and came back and said: "I don't who is more peaceful, you or the baby!"

I had nothing to say to her. I just grimaced grinned! 
(I still don't have the perfect retort for that!)

I keep on repeating to myself: Keep calm and diet on! 

I will not give up!

What would you have said?


  1. Hang in there Karen...you will win the battle.

  2. O heeerliheid maar mense kan stupid wees

  3. Keep on keeping ON! ;-)

  4. Well, my weight loss is also going slow. But it's going. Main thing is changing eating habits and loosing weight and it doesn't have to be at a rapid pace either!

    I probably would have been extremely rude towards that person and may or may not have used vulgar language.

    You keep going at it! Continue feeling great about your progress. Coz this is for YOU - no one else!

  5. thanks for sharing.


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