Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Toddler has found a dentist to go back to

I made an appointment at another dentist, after the previous time when I had the traumatic dentist experience.
It was now the Toddler's second visit to a dentist...

The first time she had to sit on my lap, and she allowed the dentist to look at her teeth. This time around she was still not willing to sit in the chair, OR open her mouth!

But Chantelle, the dentist, was not phased at all...

She had a whole story prepared for toddlers like her.
She showed Mieka the chair and how it goes up and down.
She gave Mieka a pair of gloves to put on.
She used the small mirrors to show Mieka how she looks into people's mouths.
She showed Mieka how to brush her teeth and move her arms in a circle while doing it.
She showed Mieka a green fluffy monster-like toy which resembles the plaque that eats away on our teeth. (Mieka loved holding it!)
She showed her the "elephant" that sucks up all the water in her mouth, and how its sips from the cup.
She showed us the tiny toothbrush that she uses, and practised some brushing on her hands.

Mieka was totally impressed, and opened her mouth for a little bit when prompted by the reward of a small toy.
Chantelle could quickly check that there was no major issues, and reassured me that we could try again in 6 month's time... She said that she believes a visit to a dentist should not be traumatic at all! (Thank you!)

In  the meantime I need to ensure that we brush her teeth in the mornings. (Gasp! Yes, she's has only been brushing once a day...) We had been neglecting it because Mieka still sleeps when we have to leave.

This morning I tried, and a sleepy head was willing to open her mouth and let me brush...
It seems the dentist has made an impression!

Bingo! We have found a dentist!


  1. I have not taken Dudie to a dentist yet but we do get around to brushing twice daily, on most days. Hehehe. I now make him brush his teeth in the car on the way if we late in the mornings... Hehehe. I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award

  2. Oh I am so glad for you. She sounds wonderful and warm...I am sure it is going to be much easier in 6 months.

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