Monday, 28 May 2012

Photo report of the weekend

Decorating in the boardroom 
We had such a quiet and uneventful weekend...

I started with two functions on Friday, but by six thirty we were home.
We had a weekend of rest and time with the family!

Some more of these kinds of weekends, please!!

Tiny Tumbles exercises

We also had two breakfasts; on Saturday and Sunday.
My ultimate guilty pleasure!
Moroccan Lifestyle - one of our favs

We also went to check out Lemon Rose Farm, which we always drive by and say we should stop there one day...

We loved the garden restaurant area and the farm yard with the animals. Mostly because the Toddler assured us it is the "Zoo"while she thoroughly the animals and the play area. The chickens and ducks were walking between the tables.
Jumping Castle at Lemon Rose Farm

Butterfly balloon made for a small fee at Lemon Rose Farm

Lemon Rose Farm

But the food was not that exciting... Here you definitely go for the children!

What did you do on your weekend?

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