Thursday, 3 May 2012

Stories by the Toddler

The Toddler comes up with the most strangest stories. I thought it would always be based in reality, but it seems the fantasy world takes centre stage at the moment...

(I am struck by how quickly we forget these special quirks of the little ones! I cannot remember the first-born having so many stories, but I am sure she chattered away as well!)

One of the stories: Ouma (grandmother) is coming to fetch her and they are going to fly to the sea. They are going to "fly" in the waves. Oupa (grandfather) is also going to come, but I must stay at home with her dad. When told that we can't fly in waves, she reassures us that we can. We tell her that she did not like the beach or waves the previous time she was there, she assures us that this time it is going to be different!

Another story: She has lost a tooth, and convincing her dad on the way to work to look in the back mirror of the car to see where it has been lost in her mouth (while stretching open her mouth). It is a recurring story. I suspect that a friend who lost all her front teeth (at the dentist) is a big inspiration.

Last story: She is in Grade R already. She is a big girl! (2 years to go before we get to Gr R). She is also telling us whenever she can how big she is. She shows us her "long" legs and "long" arms, and we have to feel her "muscles"!

I would love to hear the stories that her teachers have to listen to...

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  1. ...and one day she will read her stories here and be thankful that her mommy recorded it for her.


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