Wednesday, 16 May 2012


We saw for the first time yesterday how the Toddler is doing with her swimming lessons. She has been going now for 4 months.

The swimming lessons is at school, so by the time we go to pick her up, she has done her swimming lesson, twice a week. We have also not been swimming this past four months, so we had no idea...

But we could see immediately when she started that it made a positive impact. She is now extremely willing to lie back in the bath when we wash her hair. And she is quite indignant on days that she do not have swimming lessons: "They forgot to come and fetch me!" Which means she really enjoys it!

We are amazed at how much they have learnt. She is not afraid of the water, and they even swim for small distances underwater.

Except for making some high pitch noises every now and again (? *watch me*), she insisted on wearing the swimming goggles... Apparently it was for the first time, but it went really well, and we were told to buy her some as well!

She was extremely pleased to see us there, and wanted to know if we are going to come watching again. It makes me realize again how important it is to be there for them.

Cheering spectators on the side!


  1. I think it's lovely that you could go to watch her. I think it impacts them from such a young age already. They only want to make us proud - so it helps when we're there to see them make us proud.

    I should honestly try this with X, he struggles to just sit in the bath, nevermind lying in it! (Here I thought it was just my child)

  2. Well done to the toddler! My Dudie swims twice a week and I chose to do lessons after hours so that it could be our bonding time. It's great and they're so proud of themselves...


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