Friday, 18 May 2012

For my children - a keepsake

For my children, by Dionna Ford
published by Ulysses Press
I received this beautiful journal For my children through the post.
I responded on a social media invite by Dionna Ford of Code Name Mama for a review of the book.

I love the feel of any journal.
I love the smell of the pages.
I love the look of pages waiting to be filled with memories and wishes and wisdom...

There is so much that any mother wants to say and carry over to her children. There is some important stuff that we have learnt through shear raw experience that we want them to know!

Our years really count for something. (I would hope so! ;-) )

We also do not always know that our "words of wisdom" are appreciated when spoken... (Not judging by the roll of the eyes...)

But I know that it would be great to have something like this to pass on to my two daughters! I see this as something worth more than any other thing/money (unfortunately not!) that I could give to them!

Dionna's introduction states that her mother has always been the first person she ran to for just about anything. That is the same I feel about my mother...

"For my children: a mother's Journal of memories, wishes, and wisdom provides a way to chronicle a mother's history, to reveal stories and trivia that might otherwise be forgotten, to pass on generational wisdom, and most of all, to strenghten and create connections that may go untended. It is my hope that these writing prompts canbe a catlyst for your own new discoveries and connections." - Dionna Ford

The journal is divided in 7 sections: Motherhood; Family and Home; Children; Life Wisdom and Wishes; Love and Relationships; You in the World; On Being You.

Each section has prompts to help complete the journal? The first section on Motherhood starts with the following: "List the ways you feel closer to your mother now that you have children of your own:"

I can't wait to start writing here, in my own handwriting!

I also now have a place for my Mother's Day bookmark that came from the school.

Thanks Dionna, and Ulysses Press!

The book can be found here: For my children


  1. Journals is quite fun, I write many journal entries but I make sure the owner of the journal is not there :-)

  2. It looks like a wonderful way to preserve memories.


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