Friday, 11 May 2012

Too many Mother's Days?

Is it possible that we can have too many Mother's Days? According to my Mother, Yes!
We should not even bother about her on Sunday...

What can you say to that? (*sigh*)

This week I want to say how grateful I am for my mother, and mothers in general!

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I am even grateful to the MIL.
If it was not for her, I would not have had the pleasure of having the Hubby in my life, and I would not have had the opportunity myself to be the mother again of a wonderful little girl!

Some people hate the idea of a day set up specifically for Mother's, and say that we should be thankful to our mothers every day. But I love the idea of a specific day to honour the people that are important to us.

A Mother's Day is also a way of starting a tradition in a family which we all look forward to each year!

Thanks, Mom!
I only realised how much you had done for us when I had my own kids.
There is a lot of stuff that we took for granted, and thought it was part of being a Mom.
But it is a daily choice to be there for your kids and support them in all their endeavours!
We have been lucky for all the support all through the years!
We also knew we could count on you when we needed you!

Last night Mom and Dad watched after the little one while we attended a show.
Although they were both sick and looked like they both should stay in bed, they were willing to help out. Luckily the show did not last that long...
A big thank you!


  1. I feel the same way... it's only since having my own that I realise quite what a good job my own mother did!!

    I have the opposite 'problem'. Your mum doesn't want to be bothered on mother's day and I once (a couple of years ago) made the mistake of saying to mine "when do we get to not worry about the whole mother's day thing?" I was only half joking... She has (rightly!) never let me forget it. x

  2. For the rest of the year you'll probably hear me supporting those who say Mother's Day is too commercial and mothers should be cherished every day... but this week I'm grateful for Mother's Day and I'm going to make the most of it!

    I understood my mum a lot better when I became a mum, too. Motherhood gives you a whole different perspective, doesn't it?


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