Monday, 14 May 2012

Being a mother

Mother's Day is not only a reminder of my own mother and how I appreciate her even more now that I have my own children...

It is also being grateful for the two daughters I have in my life! I even got to experience motherhood 15 years on, when most people are beginning to think about having their lives back to themselves! I am so glad that we can have the experience all over again!

I am so thankful to the two special people who came to share our lives with us! I believe that we get to choose our parents in the before-time, and I am so glad that we were chosen.

We get to experience life all over again. Just when we start to think that we "know" everything, and have "seen" everything, we get to see life from a totally different perspective!

Thanks, my daughters, for your uniqueness, and your love!

We love journeying with you! You are enriching us each day with "new" experiences! (Each experience feels "new" when seeing it through your eyes again!)

What have you been doing on Mother's Day?

Photo: We cannot take too much photos of the toddler being on a swing! Each time is such a fun experience for her! We love looking/pushing on! (At the fairy party this weekend)


  1. I agree with all your sentiments. I love being a is rewarding and challenging all at the same time.


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