Thursday, 13 March 2014

Definitely skipping the 50's

Google Doodle for my birthday

It was my birthday yesterday!

I usually take the day off on my birthday.
I love going for a breakfast on my birthday, and spending it with my family!
It is a tradition that I do not plan to change. I also take a day's leave on my husband's birthday.

We were talking about our ages in the car on the way to school. Little Missy did not exactly know what our ages mean. 47 is not a number she can comprehend yet! (Me neither!)
She was asking about other people's ages as well. We told her one of our friends is already over 50.

Little Missy: "50! When you are 50, you are a grandfather or a grandmother!"
Me: "I promise, when I have to turn 50 in three year's time, I will skip it!"
Little Missy: "Huh?"

Yes, I will!


  1. LOL! I was a grandmother when I was 50. Hope you had a wonderful day Karen.

  2. Love it Karen! I think if I can be as pretty as Lynette is at 50 maybe I will not skip it. But my chance at being a grandparent at 50 is zero!


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