Friday, 14 March 2014

Meeting with the teacher

We finally made the appointment for a meeting with the teacher.

No, we can't just quickly pop in before or after school to talk to the teacher. It must be strictly by appointment. (If we had an opportunity to quickly ask how it was going, this would not have been necessary...)

I can understand that there are 24 children in the class and that it can be a bit hectic to accommodate each parent. In the meantime two months have passed in the new year, and we got some negative feedback from the Preschooler and it looked to us as if  GR R turned out to be a bit of a bummer.

We are very glad we had the meeting.
The teacher was a bit apprehensive about meeting with us. (She asked the Hubby before the time about the reason for the meeting.)
There was also another teacher sitting in in the meeting, taking notes and making some comments. (Apparently it is standard practise at the school.)

We took the stand that we do not get a chance to talk to the teacher, and our Little Missy seems a bit unsettled this year. Little Missy tells us that she wants to go back to the previous year's teacher and class. We wanted to know how she is doing in class? We also used the she-is-very-young-for-her-age-and-should-we-be-worried?-stance to address the issue.

That helped to break the ice.

We should not be worried at all!

Little Missy is doing very well in class:

  •     She is actively involved in classes
  •     She listens and tries on her own
  •     She has different friends in class each time (This was an eye-opener. Great to hear it is not only the one girl any more.)
  •     She only throws a tantrum when another child injures her. But it usually does not last long. (Phew!)
  •     She asks for help sometimes, but then she goes and complete the task on her own.
  •     She has a good report card coming up.
  •     No, the teacher does not foresee that she would be told to stay back for another year because of her age. She is not struggling at all!
The classes are a bit more structured than the previous year, and the teachers say that they get used to the structure after a while and won't feel as unsure as they feel in the beginning.

I am glad we made the appointment! 

Photo by Dad this morning at school.
The outfit selected by Little Missy, and not by Mom/Dad.


  1. Wonderful news Karen...sometimes we worry about things so glad she is doing well.

  2. That is good news, just keep an eye on things....

  3. Sometimes we worry way too much!


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