Friday, 28 March 2014

Nothing like a wedding

We had great excitement in our family the past week. We had a wedding!
Something that does not happen regularly any more, and Little Missy was asked to be a flower girl.
She was counting the days for weeks and weeks...

But she got a little bit apprehensive before the time because she is shy. We were worried that she would not walk when she was supposed to walk.

There was a struggle to get her hair in curls before the time, but she looked like a real fairy when all was done, especially after she got into the beautiful dress!

Flower girl transformation
The bride got dressed in a beautiful setting, with make-up artist B at work. All the maids of honours and the bridesmaids and special people loved getting his special attention.

B at work

B doing his magic
Little Missy came walking out with only a glimpse of a smile and she forgot to throw the flowers while walking... But I was so relieved that she did walk on her own!
She's growing up! Phew!

The bride looked stunning!
It was a fairy tale wedding!

We are taking notes for one day, far far into the future!
The Student has other plans before she will be doing the same! (She says!)

The venue, Shepstone Gardens, is a perfect place to have a function! The photo opportunities are endless, and there are surprise nooks and crannies everywhere.

The Bride with her father
My cousin is a lucky guy!
Bride and Bridegroom
Shepstone Gardens
Cutting of the cake
The sweets table was a treat!
Photo Booth fun!
We were there!
Jano and Bronwyn, we wish you the very best in your marriage!



  1. I just LOVE a wedding! What a darling flower girl outfit too. x

  2. Beautiful outfit! Looks like you really enjoyed yourselves.

  3. A fairy tale. Your little princess looked beautiful.

  4. Thanks Karen for being apart of our wedding and to Mieka for being super cute!!!! Love the blog :)

  5. Beautiful wedding and the Missy looked like a little angel princess


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