Monday, 17 March 2014

Lego happens on a Sunday

We were walking around in the mall on a lazy Sunday afternoon. We found the Lego shop, and Little Missy started to build immediately...

Lego spaceship?

The options are endless
It was very difficult to leave the shop. And not only for Little Missy...
Dad was "forced" to buy a small box.

And the rest of Sunday was spent building with the Lego.
It is always a good way to spend with Dad!


  1. Love Lego - the very best toy ever. For generations

  2. That looks like fun. Sandton City?

  3. I'm glad Lego did not dissapear, I hope it never dissapear otherwise I'll be mad as hell.

  4. My children played with Lego that was brought into the country by a British friend of my parents when we were children. Today my grandchildren play with it. It just never ages.


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