Sunday, 4 September 2011


OrangoTango's is a great party place for the little one's! We went there on Saturday afternoon, and the toddlers had a ball!

It is an indoor play area, and there are more than enough for the little one's to keep them busy. What I enjoyed the most, is that we could sit and drink a coffee, while they disappeared into a heaven of fun stuff! Slides, and pits of balls, and swings, and ball play areas...

I would come here again for a party! The kids are definitely sorted here!

What I did not enjoy was the fact that you have to pay R50 for an hour per kid. It makes it expensive, especially nowadays when there are play areas like Papachinos. We had to watch the clock, and make sure we did not go over an hour...

I also missed being outside, because the weather are lovely here! But I would think that it would be great during winter months...

Some more pics
Sometimes I wish I was small like them.
We did not have fun stuff like this when we were small... ;-)

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