Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Potty training - report back

Potty training has started at the day care this month for the toddler. All that has changed for us is that we have to send pull-ups to the creche. (Costly exercise!)

They say that she participate very well, and sometimes there is a hit!
We are celebrating a pee and a poop when we hear about it, or when she gets it right at home! (Can you believe it? ;-) )

I asked the Toddler to show me the little toilets at day care the other day. She know what she is supposed to be doing there, especially with the toilet paper... If you do not stop her, she would roll down the whole toilet roll. Without anything to show for it...

I can see that it has not yet clicked in her mind! She is not there yet! And it's all fine...
Take your time, my girl!

You are growing up way too quickly!


  1. Oh let her take her time! For us, a 4 year old that knows how but refuses, is another story altogether.

  2. Just starting with my little guy now. It was going well but the holiday set things back a bit. I still feel wierd cheering when he is sitting on the loo but it seems to be going well. I agree they grow up way to fast.Nappies seems like the last bit of babyhood.

  3. Like you I am was not new to potty training when the youngest was ready.

    I left him quite late, over 3 to start as I had started too early with one of the older kids and had months of accidents and wet beds.

    The youngest picked it up well in weeks, but I did cheat and keep him off playschool for a week to practise at home. Something I know you cannot do.

    Well done, little one!


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  5. I agree with Cat...it all comes at their own time.

  6. lol you know you are a parent when you become a cheerleader to poopy activities in the loo! and find it totally ok to talk about the private affairs of your kids movements to anyone who will listen heehee


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