Friday, 30 September 2011

The matric dance

The Big Event took place last night!

A matric dance does not look like the matric dances we remember...
There are big cars and vintage cars, chauffeurs and red carpets! It is FANCY!

Everybody looked like stars, and the Teen had the time of her life!
She looked like a Princess!

(I will ask the Teen to write me a little post. Hint hint!)


  1. The PERFECT dress for her - she looked beautiful!

  2. Stunning! The colour really suits her.


  3. The most beautiful Princess and glad she had an amazing evening!! She looked every bit the part of a fairytale.......

  4. Haven't read your blog in ages, been blogging on my mobile so don't get the blogger feed :( Must say love, love, luuurve the new header pic, beautiful family

  5. She did indeed look like a scares me when they look so grown up.


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