Thursday, 1 September 2011

Three things that I do not forgive!

Ever! I slot it all under the heading of domestic violence!

(I am aware that women can also be guilty...)

  • Cheating on your wife
When you overstep the boundaries of the promise you made to each other, you violate the relationships with your wife AND your children.
Even though you patch it up again, the relationship will never be the same again...

  • Treating your wife badly, especially when she needs you the most!
The whole range of domestic violence comes to play here – emotional and physical abuse, manipulation, neglect, threats, violence, discolouring the atmosphere as soon as you walk in the door, not helping with the kids...

  • Not contributing financially towards your own children!
I have written about this before: Time for the soapbox - financial responsibilities.

I do not forgive you and I do not like you!
(I am black-and-white like that)

We don’t have to be quiet about domestic violence!
It is not acceptable! Never!
We should not let the perpetrators get away with it by being hush-hush!

This is it, from Powerwoman for today!


  1. I totally agree...on all three counts.

  2. Thanks for speaking up. Indeed, we should never be quiet about it. x


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