Monday, 5 September 2011

In search of a view

Cappuccinos view at Northgate
I love having a view in my surroundings! (Don't we all?) I feel much more invigorated when I have something to look at to connect me back to the earth...
Especially with this urban lifestyle of ours where we look into four walls at the office!

On Friday evening I really felt like having a view while eating a traditional fish and chips. I would have loved to have been able to go for a quick drive out to the beach, and watch the sun set over the waves... *sigh*

We could not think of one place in our immediate surroundings in Johannesburg where we could go for a view. I thought of Cappuccinos at Northgate Mall. I knew that the view was limited to the smokers, but I thought we could try our luck!

Not so lucky! We were not allowed into the smoker's area because under 18s are not allowed! I totally agree with the rule, but I feel that they are wasting prime space on smokers. It should be opened up to all their clients!
I love Cappuccinos food, but it gets a thumbs down because of this!

See the photo on top for the view that we got in the end! Very sad for a Friday evening...

Maybe I am just in need of a holiday?

I also found this cellphone photo of my previous lodgings of the view I had from my flat in the suburbs! It really helped me zone down by just looking over the surrounding hills.

November 2004

Do you also find inspiration in a view over the landscape?
Do you know of a restaurant in Johannesburg with a lovely view?


  1. Gorgeous rainbow in the photo.

    It does seem a shame that only a select few can have the view. Here that would not be a problem, the smokers would get a they have to stand outside.

    I like to see the clouds out of my living room window, but it is always spoilt a little by the houses. Still nice to see but cannot photograph it.


  2. I also love a view...and my favourite is of the my favourite restaurants are at Hobbie Beach...Blue Waters is usually where I can sip coffee and dream and stare;-)

    I love your header fun.

  3. Sometimes I feel totally locked in by the city and then I need a view - but not a city view.


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