Sunday, 25 September 2011

A very special flower

Each Spring I am reminded of my grandmother when the geraniums are bloom in our garden.

She used to make new cuttings each year on her porch, and each year the porch was a flowerbed of red or pink geraniums. (Maybe there was a little bit of white as well?) Those cuttings made it to my father's garden, and when we moved into our place, we also got a fresh cutting...

I am not as good with starting anew each year with new cuttings, and then we don't get the full beauty of the geraniums...

But Hubby had to take out a patch of garden, and I especially asked that he keep the geraniums.

This year we have a little bit of red in a pot. A little bit that reminds me a lot of my grandmother!

I wish she could have known my daughters, and I wish they could have known her!
She was such a great lady who stayed in touch with the world, and I remember fondly of how we could talk to her about anything!

I sure miss you, Ouma Non! Thanks for the geraniums!


  1. Aw, that's nice.

    My grandmother bought a rose bush for my Mum when my sister died in 1971 (I was 7mths old at the time). When they eventually moved from their home ( almost 10 years ago now), I thought of that rose bush being left behind. :( Still, whenever I see a rose bush I think of my grandmother (who died when I was 7) and my sister...just like you'll always think of your Ouma Non every time you see a geranium. Precious.

  2. Geraniums are in full bloom in the UK and I am also always reminded of my granny. I just realised the past week what a real lady she was. Geraniums are special to me too!

  3. Oh gosh, nostalgia! You are talking about my one gran too!

  4. I get the same feeling when I see an African Ouma and my mother-in-law always had them in their kitchens.


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