Friday, 16 September 2011

Heads up about the last year in school

Stuff to expect from your girl teen

  • The boyfriend is more important than you!

  • The friends are more important than you!

  • Her life and time-table are more important than you. You are lucky when she ventures out of her room to come and talk to you. It really tells you that you have a relationship going when she comes to share some of her life with you.

  • You will never find an open door.

  • She loves to sleep! All the time! (Most probable position you will find her to be in behind the closed door.)

  • She can’t wait for the year to pass for exciting times ahead next year at university! (She feels she’s in limbo right now)

  • The matric dance (Prom) is the most important event happening in her life! Ever!

  • The dress, (and heads-up!), the after-the-party party dress, are extremely important!

  • The make-up and hair should be sorted before the day. (There should be trial runs before the time!)

  • A cell phone is an attachment to her hand!

  • Most come-back retort when asked why she did not do something: “I did not know I was supposed to do it!”

I am making the list tongue-in-cheek.

I really like my Teen and the person she is!

I love her optimism about life, and her excitement about her future! It is very infectious!

I love her I-am-going-to-change-the-world attitude!

You go, my Girl!

(Photo: Patrick Pretorius photography)

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  1. This post brought back many memories of my DD's last year of school. I wish I could turn back the clock.


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