Friday, 2 September 2011

Up and down in the elevator

The fragment from a dream… that keeps on lingering afterwards!

I am in a hotel. It seems I am on holiday. The people that populate my dream I do not know. (In the dream I do.) I step into the elevator, and somebody else is there as well. We press the buttons, but it is only button 10 that is working, as well as the button to the basement. The lift does not stop on floor 10 or the basement. It just goes straight past… I am going up and down in the elevator!

I woke up with the fragment of a memory of the dream yesterday. I have been in the dream before…

That feeling has been lingering for two days now…

Not able to get out, and being stuck!

Does it mean something? Or is it because I spent the night with the Toddler in her bed, trying to keep the blankets covering us both while she is sheet cycling? Not sleeping very well…

Do you take dreams seriously?

Do you remember your dreams?


  1. I'm no 'professional' but it seems you may be struggling with positive and negative feelings deep down in the concious...that's problaby why you go up and down, in the elevator in your dreams. Your either falling, someone in your life is falling or someone is lifting you up, I don't know, sounds confusing. But anyway it's just a dream and this is just my opinion on dreams like this;)

  2. There will probably be a meaning to your I don't remember them or I don't dream;-)

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    Hope you have a great weekend.


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