Thursday, 8 September 2011

Caitlin, I wish for you as well!

The story of a little girl named Caitlin... It is an ongoing story!

To me it sounds like a struggle, but to mom Michelle it is just what you do to help your child to reach her optimal potential in life. It must be even more difficult when the other twin is a healthy bouncy nearly 6 year old girl!

You can read about her story on her Facebook page: The little Train that can: Caitlin's story so far.

I have put up the Fundraiser button on my blog, and seen that it is super easy to donate. We don't have a lot to give on our own, but together we can make a difference for this sweet little face!

They still want to take her for stem cell treatment in December. Caitlin has cerebral palsy, and the hope remains that she will be able to walk, get back the functionality of her arms, as well as clear speech.The total cost comes down to just over R100 000, but for a single mom with twins it is very difficult to raise on her own.

It will have a compounded effect when the treatment will also be able to help other children in the future!
I know that if it was my child, I would also explore all the possibilities...

Michelle asks that we also spread the word about the wish of Caitlin to as many people as possible.
The fundraising presentation is also available on Facebook.

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