Friday, 9 September 2011

How do moms do exams?

The final year in school, and the preliminary exams are in full swing for the Teen.

What can moms do to help their children? I feel extremely helpless.
I cannot take the burden of studying away from her!
She needs to get high scores (no pressure here!), because it will impact on bursaries for her studies next year. We need it!

A mother’s list in times of children’s exams:
  • Lots of positive encouragement and support;
  • Show a keen interest, and know what she is writing every day;
  • Give her some slack with regards household chores;
  • Keep things peaceful and the routine going at home;
  • Buy some extra brain vitamins;
  • Prepare brain food, such as fish and fruit and vegetables;
  • Ensure some extra healthy snacks for study times at home, as well as between examination papers;
  • Believe in her;
  • Shoulder and back massages for back spasms;
  • I used to get up with my daughter when she was smaller, to go over her study material with her. I can make sure she gets up earlier when she wants to go over her study material now.

Do you have any more advice?

Photo: Patrick Pretorius Photography


  1. All the best with the exams and know it will go well.

  2. I love your list...and yes that is all you can do!

  3. None that I can think of. Great photo!

  4. Oh and best of luck to you all. Mammie skryf mos ok matriek


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