Tuesday, 20 September 2011

We've got our own magazine cover via Living and Loving

Living and Loving cover created on their new website
I love the new super sleek and cool Living and Loving website. They have loads of useful information.
They also have fun stuff as well, like the cover photos where we can go and upload one of our own photos!

MomAgain@40 is on the Living and Loving guest blog roll as well. (Thanks Living and Loving!)

I especially love the Toddler section of articles, because that's where my interest is at the moment with my two and half year old toddler.

I am officially impressed!

Photo: one of the family studio shoots by Patrick Pretorius Photography.


  1. This looks interesting . Must check it out.
    Fab cover! :)


  2. Wow...how super cute is that cover.


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