Monday, 3 October 2011

My Heaven!

The first "swear words" that the Toddler has picked up! From me!

"My Hemel!" (Translated: My Heaven!)
We've heard it a couple of times over the past weekend.

It could have been a lot worse! There's more than these words being spoken , and Hubby and me remind each other regularly to tone it down...

I was not even aware that I use this phrase so often...

What is the first swear words that you have heard spoken by your toddlers?


  1. Ag nee man - dissie 'n vloekwoord nie!

  2. Ha-ha! That's why I am so relieved that she picked up this phrase.
    It could have been something else which would have made us cringe ;-)

  3. That is a cute phrase to pick up;-)


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