Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Bug barns

We found one of these at an Arts & Crafts Expo tonight! A bug barn!
An insect box in which you can put any insect!

My eldest daughter used to spend hours playing with the same kind of box!

Reasons why I love bug barns:
  • It gets children very close to an insect, and they can look at it for a long time.
  • They learn about the way an insect moves around, while still being confined.
  • The insect does not get handled by small hands, and gets injured or killed in the process.
  • It helps children to get over their unreasonable fear of insects.
  •  It helps to teach respect for life: Look at the insect, but let it go after a while! (The insect is able to keep on breathing and moving around in the box.)

Now, just to catch one of the little critters!
Strange how we don’t see any beetles or moths flying around when we are looking for one...

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  1. Kiara has one like this aswell and she loves it :) It has lasted years!!

  2. We have a bug barn, but we've never gotten it out yet. Kieran is a little squeamish of touching bugs (hm, I wonder where he got that from!), so we've limited our exploration to watching them crawl along the grass or sidewalks ;)

  3. Love the idea. I must get one for Ewan.

  4. Yup, my little ones play them to death...I need one of those bug boxes too.


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