Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Taking the Toddler to work

You know it is going to be hectic, but you don’t know how much. Toddlers are extremely busy!

Taking a toddler to work really need some multitasking. Luckily we had a party and some rugby on for the day...

I had to think of a lot of stuff for a toddler to do in the enclosed space of a studio:

  • Making a “tent “with a chair, a blanket and a jacket.
  • Clearing my desk so she can swing underneath.
  • Going on an "expedition" to the coffee shop.
  • Going on an "expedition" to the toilets.
  • Playing with my Peanuts figurines in my office.
  • Lots of paper and crayons.
  • Giving her my BlackBerry so she can colour in. It involves a colour switch every five seconds which I had to help her with!
  • Lots of snacks to keep her busy for five... seconds!
  • Making a bed underneath the desk. She spent a few second there as well!
  • Pressing all the buttons in my studio.
  • Giving her the t-shirt hanging n my wall as she insisted on wearing it (the 3rd outfit for the day) 
  • Playing with the water dispenser and getting herself wet.

I was totally beat after that! And Missy had a good sleep in the car on the way home... 

What do you do to keep the children occupied at the office?

Photo: Mieka in my office with Springbok headgear (Rugby World Cup fever while we were still in the game)


  1. I never had to take my children to work but we did take Lukie already and then had one of the ladies on the program that followed him everywhere and played everything he wanted to. She was as tired as he was after all that fun.

  2. Mine's favorite is bugging our secretary to print colouring pictures from the web.

  3. "Toddlers are busy" - I had forgotten how busy they are!

    LOL not looking forward to Jack getting there :)


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