Sunday 16 October 2011

iThemba Walkathon 2011

The slogan: "Early detection saves lives!"

It was the yearly iThemba Walkaton against breast cancer today. There were even more pink people (literally) walking today than last year. We had great fun.Walking and watching all the people dressed to the "pink" passing us on the road.

We got involved from last year when the Teen discovered a lump in her breast. It turned out to be a fibroadenoma, but she still has to have it check every 6 months. Lesson: do not let anyone tell you to let it be... It can turn serious!

I also have a colleague who were told to leave her pre-cancerous breasts until it becomes cancer! NO!
Luckily she did not accept that advice as well! She went to see an expert in breast cancer. Se had to go through the whole traumatic decision of having her breasts removed, but she did it. Last week she got a clean bill of health! She is cancer free, and she can continue with her life!

I registered us for the 8 km walk, although we said we would  turn at the 5 km turn when we feels it is too much! There never came a 5 km turn because they joined us at some stage, so we did the 8 km again! (Pat on back! We got in some serious exercise today!)

The Toddler enjoyed the walk as well! Luckily we could still push her for most of the way!
Getting sleepy

Riding backwards and standing
On Dad's neck
"Avon Justine iThemba Crusade of Hope raises funds for breast cancer education and awareness in South Africa.
A donation will be made to Bosom Buddies and Look Good...Feel Better.
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  1. Good for you guys!! Great hubby also joined in. I can see the toddler wanted to be more involved than only being pushed around. ;-)


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