Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A mother's job: Phoning the school

The toddler this morning
I am shaking right now! I phoned the day care!

I have been planning to phone them now for over a week... I do not like complaining at all, but sometimes you've got to make that call!

I am glad I did! (Why should I not expect the best care for my daughter. I pay them!)

I did not mention names, although I have some... I have seen some of the misdeeds from the teachers in action when going to fetch my little one... (Why do we not call them out on the spot?)

I have seen a difference in my toddler, who hides in my neck when I drop her off in the mornings...

I hope it will help!

In the meantime: I have made an appointment at another school...

(Photo: See the demeanour of the toddler: Hand on mouth, unsure...)


  1. Go you! Confrontation is never easy. But I always find it easier on my kids behalf than I do on my own. So important to stand up for them. Well done!

  2. Never hesitate to phone and name the culprits! It will not only benefit your child but all the other kids in their care too.

    Hope you got it sorted.

  3. When they abuse their positions and don't do their jobs...name them and shame them.

  4. One have to keep our eyes open! And I trust my gut - if it does not feel right move on.


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