Monday, 31 October 2011

Quality time with a toddler when you are beat

Sometimes you feel that you have been drained of life, and you do not have anything left to share with your toddler.
Let alone some quality time...
That is when we as parents can become very creative in spending quality time with our toddlers.

Quality time with the toddler:

- Get down on your back on the floor, and let them climb all over you.
- Lie down on the grass, with them next to you. (Or in a chair outside, with them on your lap) Watch the clouds, and tell each other about the creatures and shapes and objects that you see.
- Give them a pot of cream, and ask them to rub it in. (It can become quite messy! Be warned!)
- Ask your toddler to comb/do your hair!
- Ask you toddler to "doctor" a fake injury on you! (Give them cream/plasters etc.)
- Pour a bath and let them play for as long a they want while looking on.
- Ask them to "read" you a story!
- Watch a DVD/television with them, AND keep the comments rolling. (It is definitely not quality time when sending them off on their own to watch a movie or children's programmes.)

Do you have more suggestions for me?

(Photo: Patrick Pretorius Photography)


  1. Thanks for this!

    You have some great ideas!

    I give my 3 yr old water and a paintbrush and tell him to paint the room.
    ( potential problem if they try real paint though...)

  2. We colour in - all 4 of us at the coffee table in the loung - crayons, a book each . Great fun


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