Friday 21 October 2011

34 months - slow down now!

The Toddler is a big girl!

She tells us: "Ek is 'n groot meisie!" ("I am a big girl!")
When she sits on the toilet...
When she tells us she is not going to cry when we wash her hair...
When she cuts her own food with a big knife and fork...
When she opens or close all the doors, usually uninvited...

Lately she's been waking up crying for the something or someone she went to sleep with! Tonight it was the Barney, the previous night it was hair clips. Last week she cried for her Ouma (grandmother), and also her sister on another night!

It helps when she cries for one of us! Some nights she wants me, but some nights she wants her dad!

Mental note: Make sure that those things are on standby, or else we are running around in the dark hours searching for a Barney in the house or in the car!

I love the fact that she can tell us now what is hurting or what is happening at school.

This morning she said with such conviction when we were driving off: "My oor gaan nou-nou beter wees!" (My ear are going to be better now-now!)
(Uh-Oh? We did not know it was still hurting after a struggle last night and crying over a hurting ear!)

Please, Murphy, it is the concert tomorrow, and she has to be there!

We are actually excited to see her in the concert tomorrow. She is very secretive about what they are going to do!

We have found the perfect school for next year as well! It feels like we are going to send her to the big school already! I hope she will love it there!

Big girl, you are growing up too quicly!

I am glad and I am sad!

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  1. They just seem to fly through those first three years in the end. It doesn't always feel like that though... !! x

  2. I am just looking at schools for next year.

    My youngest is starting to talk about how grown up he is, but then is still clinging to some baby things.
    Just started taking a couple of teddies to bed at 4 yrs old.

    All part of the process :)

    My eldest turned 17 this week and had her first driving lesson!


  3. Hulle word so ongelooflik gou groot. Sy is so oulik.

    It is interesting that she is waking up crying for something or somebody. Lukie have been getting nightmares and wakes crying and scared. I wonder where that comes from.

  4. Yeah for the perfect school!


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