Monday, 10 October 2011

Four grandmothers

The toddler has four grandmothers. Two great-grandmothers are included in this number; one is 90 years, and the other one turned 85 just recently.

We went to visit Ouma K this weekend! The Toddler loves the idea of having four grandmothers! She tells my father often that she has more than one grandmother...

It is a sad state of affairs that we do not see Ouma K often enough... She lives about an hour away, but we do not get enough opportunity to go and visit! She celebrated her 85th birthday the previous weekend, and we missed it...

Luckily we could go yesterday. 

Happy birthday, Ouma K! The Toddler is extremely lucky to know you as well!


  1. She is indeed BLESSED to have 4 grandmothers! And they are in return surely blessed with her wonderful personality.


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