Monday, 28 November 2011

You cannot have too much photos of your children

In the studio
You would think that by taking pictures of the Toddler every snap we can, we would feel satisfied about the amount...

But I have found that you can never have too much photos of your children.

There is always that search for the picture or the perfect pose.

What did they do in the age before digital? It seems unimaginable by now...

I try to take at least one photo of the Toddler each day, if only for the Mornings' first photo. I love it that I can take photos on my cell as well.

I go back and look at it during the day at work. Especially on a Monday when we had such a good time together during the weekend and I miss my little one!

We were at a photo shoot yesterday. Luckily my sister-in-law Elise wants to make some Christmas presents with family photos!  Can’t wait...

How much photos do you take of your children in a week?


  1. I dont take enough. My phone takes a yukky picture and its such a mission to get the big camera out.

  2. Um, not enough I think!! I do worry that I'm not 'documenting' them enough. Life documentary making seems to be what we're here for these days!!! x

  3. I used to take every day when I did the 365 challenge. But I still take at least every week.

  4. I take as many photos as I can, and then I start hoping they all make it onto a scrapbook page.

  5. My daughter takes lots of photos of herself with AJ.

    We do take several photos but not as many as when they are babies.

    have a great week


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