Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Nobody as surprised as the surprised mother

I wanted to write the blog post last night, but we had a sleep fail night, and the off switch did not work, except for both parents! (Nothing new!)
We staggered out of our room after 11 last night, with washing that still needed to be hanged, and the lights to be switched off in the rest of the house... (No wonder I don't get time to read!)

The Toddler was 35 months yesterday. 3 is a month away.
And.... Ta-da-ta-dum!-ta-dum! is nappy free.
She announced last Thursday evening that she did not want to have a nappy on at bed-time, and that was it!
The status update on Friday
about the first nappy-free night at MomAgain@40 FB page

She is wearing panties 24-7, and she tells us when she wants to go...

Nobody is as surprised as me!
Something just clicked!

I was beginning to worry about the deadline of next year and the new school...She is supposed to be potty trained by then.

It just shows you! All in their own time...
"I can do it!"
It dawned on us last night! We don't need to buy those expensive pull-ups or Pampers or Huggies... anymore!
*Happy dance!*

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  1. So glad little one did potty training in her own time. Makes for happy mum and child, as I know you are aware.

    I waited til youngest was over 3 and then he clicked right away. I was under a little pressure with comments that he should be out of nappies but after another of my kids having accidents for several months because they were not ready, I stood my ground.

    Thanks for your comment yesterday, I will be posting about finding time, thanks for the idea!


  2. WOOHOO. So glad and it is much easier when they just get it :)


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