Saturday, 26 November 2011

Benji Boytjie

There was a huge adjustment phase with our Miniature Yorkshire Terrier, but WE have adapted!

He walks around unfazed by any commotion going on around him...

We get upset about his bad toilet manners, but it doesn't make a dent in his behaviour. 
He does not DO grass! Period! Accept it!
It is only Hubby who still curses every time  he has to scoop up the "jewels" from our patio...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (I know! How lucky can you get?)

Seven years multiplied by seven makes him forty nine years!
He is the oldest resident in this house!

King of the Castle and Mr Cool!

He's got the other dog grooming him the whole day long.
Petite Peu bites-bites him around his face. He loves it!!
If you know the reason for this, please tell us.
(It's the same behaviour we see in monkeys grooming each other.)
The tongue hanging out because of pure pleasure

Benjamin got his "summer cut" today, and the toddler allowed him extra time next to her...

How can we give such a boytjie away?

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  1. NOPE! I don't know the reason why the other dog bites the other one but I do know is that those doggies are the most loved doggies in the world.

  2. At this stage in my life I just cannot think of handling a new pet. I will need time before I consider that again.


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