Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Up close with the toilet

Another title: Potty training adventures

There is nothing like potty training to get you up close and personal with a toilet...

A toddler has intense fascination with a toilet, and there is nothing more exhilarating than flushing it. (Woot-woot! squeamish parents!)

I am of the opinion that you should spend as less time as possible on a toilet, and get finished with your business... Well, quickly! There is the minor fact of germs and multiplying...

That’s why I still don’t understand why people would want to read while there. It’s the germs multiplying, people! Take into account that if the previous occupant flushed the toilet while the seat was not closed... More germs multiplying all around... 

(Not to mention those magazines stacked up in toilets... Germ palaces?)

(Maybe it’s just me, or I have watched far too much of The Doctors!)

But potty training brings the toilet very close:
-    The toddler touches the seat with both hands while getting on. (I can do this myself, Mom!)
-    She sits with both hands on the seat.
-    She even checks inside the bowl...
-    She comments about anything landing in the bowl!
-    She lingers while sitting there...
-    She wants to flush immediately! (Please close that seat, Love!)

Potty training is teaching me a few things as well! Patience is definitely one of them!

Luckily we can wash our hands afterwards. Also something the toddler enjoys immensely...
And the promise of washing hands also helps to move things along considerably!

We have been very lucky the last two weeks! Fingers crossed! (Don’t tell Murphy...)
It seems the Toddler will be potty trained by next year. Err.. Toilet Trained!


  1. Hehe...and then some of them actually take a picture of their piece of art:-)

  2. Germs is everywhere, no matter how hard you scrub it stays, just keep the hands clean and a toilet is one of the most dirtiest places on this earth. at least thats what doctors tells me.

  3. Oh gosh yes, I also feel that way about germs. But with the amount of time pent there with L these days it is rather an issue for me


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