Tuesday, 13 March 2018

This is 51

Instagram filter - Karen with martini and sunset reflection in sunglasses
What I wanted!
At the age of 51 we can poke fun at ourselves. I am constantly amazed at the number, because I don't feel it at all! I am supposed to be wise and have all the answers... Most of the times I think I do have all the answers! But I know for a fact that the more I think I do know all the answers, is that I don't! Life shows it to me in so many ways! Ha! Life! You are so funny!

Most of the times I ignore my own wisdom in any case. For example: Who wants to drink water, when you can drink wine? Or: Who wants to hike at Kloofendal, when you can stay in pajamas until 10 on a Saturday? Me, of course! Life is short! Ha!

I wanted to be in Mauritius last year on my 50th birthday, and this year we are doing the wedding! The engagement has come and now it is the preparations. It is also exciting, and we are looking forward to it.

As usual I took a day's leave yesterday to celebrate my birthday. I did nothing, and it was wonderful. Hubby took me for a breakfast, and I could go watch Miss at her netball practice in the afternoon. I felt like a a real stay-at-home-mom. (Sorry, SAHMs, I can see how stressful life can be at home. You think you have a whole day of  "leasure" ahead of you, and then the day passes as if in a blink!)

We had to be at school last night for a school thing. So that was my special birthday ending in a school thing. I took us for a McFlurry afterwards! Because, budget...

Instagram filter - Windowselfie of Karen and Miss eating a McFlurry and Happy Meal
What I got!
I had a lovely birthday weekend of friends and family visiting! I got lovely presents, and feel very blessed! I am healthy, and I have healthy and happy children. Hubby is stressing along (as we all do nowadays), but we are still keeping the float afloat!

I am Happy!
This is 51!


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