Wednesday, 28 March 2018

A Personal Fitness Tracker bfit Move2 - Review

Personal fitness tracker bfit Move 2 with heart rate monitor flashing
bfit Move 2
There are so many personal fitness trackers on the market. I used to love my Fitbit Zip, but it got lost, and it did not measure all the activities wanted. My phone made up for most, but it's not the same, and I don't want to carry it everywhere. I also don't have the budget to buy the expensive trackers.

My daughter won the bfit Move 2 personal tracker in a competition, and I bought myself one while it was still on special. The trackers do not cost an arm and a leg. I got mine for 400 ZAR, which is totally doable.

I have had the tracker for two months now, and it does everything I want a tracker to do.

Features of the bfit Move2 Personal Tracker that I love

- Measures daily activity (steps).
- Measures heart rate.
- Monitors sleep.
bfit Move 2 tracker - sleep screen of previous night's sleep activity
Last night's sleep =- bfit Move 2 tracker

- Daily silent vibrating alarm can be set.
- Call and social media alerts. (You can select which social media alerts you want on your wrist. I have only set up my whatsapp to alert me.)
- Remote camera control by button and wrist movement.
- Sedentary alert. I have set mine for every 30 minutes which works great!
- It syncs with the Veryfit 2.0 app on the phone, which can be pulled into iHealth on iPhone.
- The tracker needs only to be recharged once a week! I charge it while I'm in the bath, because it charges in a hour.
- It is life waterproof - sweat, rain and water drop proof.
- It syncs by bluetooth.
- Great look and manageable size. People tends to think it is one of the expensive versions.

I get all my information I want about my health, and I can challenge myself with regards to fitness, sleep and being more active.
This little gadget gets a HUGE thumbs up!


  1. Hi I just want to ask do you need to connect to your phone? And
    Can you see your steps on the bfit screen of the watch

  2. You are so healthy! Good for you!


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