Monday, 5 March 2018

When you make a pitstop, but you want to linger...

Bru'House and Diner front deck with live band playing
Bru'House and Diner
We went to fetch Miss who was away on a camp this weekend. The camp was not that far, and it is welcome road trip out of the city. We were worried about her being sick, but she was fine when we fetched her. She did not get sicker and she listened to her mom who told her not to swim. Phew!

Fetching Miss at camp

On our way home we passed Bru'House and Diner, on the R563 Hekpoort Road, and we stopped for a craft beer. Which turned into lunch. There was live music playing, and we could have stayed the whole afternoon...
Darling Brew Rogue Pony beer bottle
Darling Brew Rogue Pony at Bru'House and Diner
But Miss was totally wiped out after the weekend, so we had to go. There was still some learning to be done for this week. Grade 4...

Tired girl with thumbs up sign
Miss: "Sharp" with closed eyes
Next time we will linger for much longer! It is a very cool place with a a play area. Great for going with kids!

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